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Soft Phones

Soft phones are often ideal for mobile business owners and their employees. So long as you have a computer (usually a laptop) and an Internet connection, you can start using soft phones to access our service right away!

Because they run on a computer, soft phones are extremely portable. If you regularly take a laptop with you when you travel, simply install the soft phone on that laptop and carry a USB headset with you. It's so much easier than trying to transport a physical phone!

We recommend the Bria suite of products. Please note that this software is developed and sold by a separate company. We can provide technical support for using the software in conjunction with our system, but these are not our products and any additional questions/concerns should be directed to the manufacturer. Some features advertised by the manufacturer may not be compatible with our service and we cannot support or troubleshoot these features; if you require details please speak to your representative.

Bria Softphone


The most powerful and fully-featured softphone currently available, Bria offers industry-leading functionality and an attractive, intuitive interface. Bria is available on PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. It's also offered on smartphones such as Android and Apple devices.
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Need more reasons? See "Why Easy Office Phone?" for more detail. Want to learn more? Head on over to our Resources. Need to talk to a real person? Call us any time at 1.866.671.0111.
Since 2005, Easy Office Phone has been providing Hosted PBX and Business VoIP and Hosted PBX service to organizations of all sizes, with excellent call quality, extensive business Hosted PBX features, and friendly, responsive staff.

Thanks to the power of Hosted PBX, all of our plans include robust calling features typically only found in expensive corporate telephone systems. Our service allows you to keep your existing telephone numbers and enjoy the benefits of unlimited long distance calling, with no busy signals. You can also choose new numbers from over 4,100 cities in the USA & Canada. We also offer international virtual numbers in 46 different countries. You can make and receive calls using our Hosted PBX Phones or use your mobile phone or existing land line.

Regardless of whether your company is big, small, or somewhere in between, our complete Hosted PBX business solution includes all the features and flexibility that today's on-the-go organizations need. With our solution you can transfer calls, set up virtual departments, have employees work from anywhere and much more. It really is the phone service your business deserves.

To learn more about Easy Office Phone and how our Hosted PBX service can improve how your business communicates, please see Why Easy Office Phone?" and Business VoIP Benefits."